Jannis Kounellis at Tramway
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13 July – 9 September 2012

ARTIST ROOMS on Tour with The Art Fund supported by the Scottish Government is an inspired partnership that will fulfil the vision for this extraordinary collection: that it should be shared across the UK.

A unique exhibition of the work of Jannis Kounellis is on show at Tramway. Kounellis was a seminal contributor to the radically and internationally influential Arte Povera group. Often epic in scale, his work possesses a grandeur that reflects his frequent choice of themes and ideas from the past and particularly from Ancient Greece. Kounellis began his career as a painter, but during the 1960s he abandoned traditional painting in favour of a host of everyday materials with which he created sculptures and installations. Ordinary objects and natural matter held a directness and immediacy for Kounellis who was seeking to establish more concrete communication between the viewer and the artwork.

Jannis Kounellis, 'Bells' 1993
Jannis Kounellis
Bells 1993
Three bronze bells, rope and wooden beams
Overall display dimensions variable
2450 x 1650 x 955mm (approx when displayed at NGS)
Acquired jointly with the National Galleries of Scotland through The d'Offay Donation with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund and the Art Fund 2008© Jannis Kounellis