Interventions in the public space

Lucas Grandin Le Jardin Sonore de Bonamouti 2010
Lucas Grandin
Le Jardin Sonore de Bonamouti 2010

This event looks at the recent manifestation of a new social imaginary of the urban space in Africa. Tate and Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. will participate in the third edition of Doualart’s Salon Urbain de Douala, SUD 2013. Entitled Douala Metamorphosis, this unique African triennial celebrates the presence of arts in public spaces and explores the ways by which African cities in general – and Douala in particular – have become creative and effective spaces as a result of the social relationships established in them. Speakers and artists at this event will address questions around the increased social engagement and participation of the citizens in the public space and the public sphere.

Coinciding with the Salon Urbain de Douala, SUD 2013

Organised in collaboration with Espace Doualart

Sponsored by Guaranty Trust Bank Plc