ARTIST ROOMS Martin Creed – Quay Arts
Quay Arts: Display
13 June – 20 September 2014

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Martin Creed Work No. 890 Don't Worry
Martin Creed
Work No. 890, DON'T WORRY

Quay Arts is working with ARTIST ROOMS for the first time, hosting an exhibition of work by Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed. Creed is often described as a conceptual artist but he describes his practice as creating work from feelings rather than ideas: ‘What the work means is not up to me; it’s what it means to someone else who has their own heart and their own history and their own mind. And I like that. I don’t put meaning into things. Meaning is something you find yourself.’

This exhibition will include works in a variety of media including video, neon, drawings and paintings. Through Quay Arts’ involvement in the internationally renowned Isle of Wight Festival, Creed’s work will have the opportunity to reach new audiences.Quay Arts will create partnerships with young people to engage them with Creed’s work.