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  • Performance at a learning event in the galleries at Tate Britain

    Sam Keogh, Taken out of/put into Oscar’s bin 2013

    © Olivia Hemingway, Tate

  • Materials for Construction learning event at Tate

    Materials for the Construction of Meaning (MCM) resource 2013

    © Josef Konczak, Tate

  • Easter School learning event at Tate Modern

    Easter School 2013

    Emma Hart and Louisa Martin
    © Tate

  • Summer School learning event at Tate Modern

    Summer School 2013

    Adelaide Bannerman and Harold Offeh
    © Tate

  • Teachers' study day at Tate Modern

    Art & SEN 2013

    © Tate

Tate London Schools and Teachers team are inviting a group of 10–15 teachers to work with us, alongside artists, curators and educators, to form a collaborative community of shared practice. Through a series of conversations, workshops and interventions, Common Projects will develop an ongoing dialogue around art and education, where multiple voices, ideas and approaches are held in one room.

If you are interested in joining Common Projects please send a statement of interest, no longer than 250 words detailing why you would like to be part of the group and what you would like to contribute.

Please include your name, role and school. We welcome applications from teachers from all types of school settings and levels of experience including trainee teachers.

We are interested in teachers who:

  • Have an interest in sharing their practice
  • Have a desire to discuss current issues and debates in art and education in a group environment
  • Are able to commit to six sessions from January–December 2014 (see dates below)
  • Are able to commit to one Tate London Schools and Teachers CPD event (bursary place awarded):
  • Have an appetite to participate in relevant events outside of six required sessions

Session dates

Monday 17 February 2014, 10.00–14.00
Tuesday 25 March, 17.00–20.00
Tuesday 13 May, 17.00–20.00
Tuesday 8 July, 17.00–20.00
Tuesday 16 September, 17.00–20.00
Tuesday 11 November, 17.00–20.00

Please email your statement of interest to commonprojects@tate.org.uk by 15 January 2014.