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17 February 2014
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Teachers' activity in the gallery, Tate Britain, 2014 © Tate

Teachers in Turbine Hall

Summer School engagement

Particpants reflect at Summer School 2014

Learning Easter School Workshop

Tate Britain Teacher's private view

Learning Easter School Workshop

Following a successful pilot year in 2014, for 2015, we are inviting a group of 10–15 teachers to join us, alongside artists, curators and educators, to form a collaborative community of shared conversations. Through a series of workshops we hope to develop an ongoing dialogue around art and education, where multiple voices, ideas and approaches are held in one room.

If you would like to join Common Projects 2015 please send an expression of interest, no longer than 250 words, stating why this opportunity appeals to you.

Please include your name, role and school. We welcome applications from teachers from all types of school settings and levels of experience including trainee teachers.

We are interested in teachers who:

  • Have an interest in sharing their practice
  • Like working collaboratively
  • Have a desire to discuss current issues and debates in art and education in a group environment
  • Are able to commit to six sessions in 2015 (see dates outlined below) hosted at Tate Modern or Tate Britain, or nearby

Session dates

Friday 10 April 2015, 10.00-14.00 (including lunch)*Remaining dates all 17.00-20.00Tuesday 23 June 2015Tuesday 15 September 2015Tuesday 10 November 2015Tuesday 19 January 2016Tuesday 8 March 2016

Please email your statement of interest to by Sunday 15 March 2015.


Tate Britain
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17 February 2014 at 10.00–14.00

25 March 2014 at 17.00–20.00

13 May 2014 at 17.00–20.00

16 September 2014 at 17.00–20.00

11 November 2014 at 17.00–20.00