Artist-led workshop at TM 2013

We want to support students to gain a deeper enjoyment and understanding of art through working with practicing artists and the Tate collection. Workshops take place in the gallery where students encounter artwork alongside their teachers and artists; sharing thinking and ideas to create a unique and diverse learning context designed to encourage individuals to engage with art and contemporary culture.

We take a radical approach to engagement, inviting students to learn with and from art through being in a conversation with each other, artists and artworks within the particular context of the public space of the gallery. Each conversation, framed as it is through art and practice, is different and unpredictable but always designed to encourage individuals to ask questions and form opinions.

Our 2013–14 workshops were led by:

Katriona Beales, Harald den Breejan, Evan Ifekoya, Lucy Joyce, Emma McGarry, Rosanna Mclaughlin, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Elaine Reynolds, Eoghan Ryan and Katharine Tolladay.

This is a fantastic resource for students. The workshop was a great space for inspirational ideas and for the children to experience a wide range of art, artists, thoughts, feelings and experiences 
Teacher on an artist-led workshop, 2013