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  • Animaux Circus Wood Street market

    Animaux Circus Wood Street market

  • sign painted by Animaux Circus 'it's all about bees honey'

    Animaux Circus

  • Animaux Circus sign at shoreditch art wall

    Animaux Circus Shoreditch art wall

  • Animaux Circus William Morris
  • Animaux Circus Southbank sign

    Animaux Circus

Design and create your own hand painted signage with Animaux Circus. Using a personal memory to inspire your sign, you will paint this directly onto wood or a recycled material of your choice, incorporating story telling, lettering tricks and techniques supported by Animaux Circus.

No previous experience required and all materials will be provided, just bring with you an interesting memory or story to use as a starting point.

About Aminaux Circus

Animaux Circus is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by Margaux Carpentier, Rory Elphick and Lana Hughes. The trio specialise in large­ scale illustration, hand­lettering, sign­making and mural painting. Inspired by their passion for pop culture, folk arts and tales from across the globe, Animaux Circus modernise ancient crafting and painting techniques to brighten up cities and invade everyday life with a barrage of tropical colours and extraordinary stories from both the past and the future.

This event is related to the exhibition British Folk Art