Schools and Teachers event 2012 - students seated in front of projection
Schools and Teachers event 2012

The artist was really receptive to what worked for the students and built on it

– SEN Artist led Workshop, Teacher 2012 

Day-long workshops for students with physical, behavioural, cognitive or sensory difficulties or disabilities. These sessions are tailored to accommodate your group’s particular requirements. By engaging in a series of practical and gallery-based activities, students are made to feel welcome, unhurried and inspired.

We recommend group sizes of up to ten depending on the needs of the group, supported by appropriate staffing ratios from the visiting organisation. An essential requirement for staff accessing SEN provision is to complete and return a questionnaire before visiting.

An orientation and lunch space is provided.

Selected dates during term time, Mondays and Thursdays, the day will be split into two 90-minute sessions: 10.30–12.00 and 13.00–14.30

*New Extension to core workshop offer

On Friday 1 May 2015 and throughout SEN Week, Tuesday 5 May–Friday 8 May 2015 Tate Britain will host a whole week of artist-led workshops exclusively for SEN groups. Please call the bookings team for further details. 

Supported by the Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation