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  • Photograph of a father and child with headphones, listening to the Sonic Trails
  • Curiosity Sonic Trail
    Sonic Trail handout for Curiosities
  • British Folk art objects
    Clockwise from top right: Chimney sweep sign, painted wood, 1020 x 380 x 250mm; Heart pincushion, fabric, beads and pins; Tin tray covered with boody including part of a broken doll, c.1900, tin and broken ceramic, 420 x 240mm; Joint of beef shop display, painted wood, 195 x 190 x 115mm; Model of a cockerel made of bone, c.1797-1814, carved bone 230 x 120 x 230mm; Bottle with bobbins, glass and bobbins, 300 x 100mm

Encounter a musical ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ inspired by works in British Folk Art. Made using traditional folk instruments and field recordings from around Tate Britain. 

We recommend listening to the Sonic Trails on a set of good headphones to make sure that you are receiving the best quality of audio experience.

Sonic trails are suitable for children age 7 years and up, young people and adults. 

This event is related to the exhibition British Folk Art