Another London exhibition banner

Throughout the twentieth century, some of the world’s greatest photographers came to London to make work about the city and its inhabitants. Another London explores the distinctive ways in which London was represented by those for whom it was a foreign city.

The photographs in the exhibition show London as a dynamic metropolis, richly varied and full of contrast. The affluent upper and middle classes are documented alongside the working class and urban poor, surviving life in the city as beggars and street vendors. Emblems of London life such as pearly kings, red buses and bowler hats are captured alongside the city’s growing cultural diversity.

The forty-one photographers in this exhibition each had a different relationship to London– some visited fleetingly as tourists or on journalistic assignments, some arrived as refugees, while others came to live in the UK permanently. It is their shared experience of encountering London with the eye of an outsider that informed their perspectives and shaped the photographs they took, resulting in work as diverse as the city itself.

The works in Another London are selected from a unique collection of 1,400 photographs, The Eric and Louise Franck London Collection, which was brought together over twenty years and has been generously promised as a donation to Tate by Eric and Louise Franck.