Another London: exhibition room guide, room 5

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Dorothy Bohm:

I decided to focus my photographic eye on London… I already knew it well and was aware of its extraordinary diversity, which I think is greater than any other town… I tried hard not to be content with just the façade or the outside appearance of things. I hoped to penetrate just beyond that, to portray a living London: the people who pursued their daily occupations, walked, talked, ate or relaxed and were dressed in the fashions of the time.

from Amanda Hopkinson Sixties London: Photographs by Dorothy Bohm 1996

Bruce Davidson:

The city had an effect on me that was claustrophobic… I began to realise that my view of England and Scotland was not going to be that of Big Ben, the Tower of London, or the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. It was going to be more about people seen on the streets of London or in the rolling landscape.

from Bruce Davidson and Mark Howarth-Booth England / Scotland 1960, 2005