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Bill Brandt:

The extreme social contrast during those years before the war was, visually, very inspiring for me. I started by photographing in London, the West End, the suburbs, the slums… London has changed so much that some of these pictures have now the period charm almost of another century.

from Bill Brandt Camera in London 1948

E.O. Hoppé:

The glamorous city of my recollections resolves itself into a somewhat depressing metropolis of formless bricks and mortar enveloped in a murky pall… [however] before this faint distaste has time to prejudice my judgement, it fades away and the allurement of the grey haze of London, which makes the contrast of its clear limpid days more remarkable, gains the ascendancy and reveals a magic web from which few of us escape… Like a well-cut gem London has a thousand facets and in all of them is a picture.

from E.O. Hoppé The Image of London 1935