What is Art Now?

Art Now is a series of exhibitions at Tate Britain focusing on new work by emerging artists. Since the 1990s, Art Now has recognized talent at its outset and provides a platform for artists who have gone on to become established figures in the British and international art scene.

Visit the exhibition and discover the artists to watch out for.

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Tate Britain Exhibition

Art Now: Marguerite Humeau: Echoes

Until 15 Apr 2018

Confront nature's lethal powers in a hypnotic yellow environment devised from black mamba venom

Tate Britain Display

Art Now: The Darks: Ruth Ewan and Astrid Johnston

Explore the area around Tate Britain, once the site of the infamous Millbank Prison with The Darks audio tour 

Past Exhibitions 1995–2016

2009 – 2016

2002 – 2008

1995 – 2001