Henry Moore: Moore outside 6 Locking Piece, Millbank

Moore Outside – Locking Piece, Millbank

Locking Piece 1963–4
Riverwalk Gardens
London SW1P 4RL

Behind Moore’s far field in Perry Green, where he lived and worked, there was a gravel pit where he’d go to collect pebbles. There were stones in thousands of shapes and forms and he said he could twenty new little ideas by going there. One day he was playing with two pebbles he found there and somehow they got locked together. He undid them in the end by turning and lifting them away from each other. He started wondering how they got in this position; he likened them to a clenched fist. This gave him the idea for Locking Piece.

Download the mp3 for your journey: locking_piece_millbank.mp3 12.7 MB

I always make my way to Locking Piece from the main entrance of Tate Britain on Millbank. Just turn right and it will be across the road.

Here’s one of my personal maps. Bring it with you, it will help you find your way.

John Deedham Map, showing location of Locking Piece 1963–4