Products related to the Patrick Caulfield exhibition

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  • Image of a book cover for the Patrick Caulfield exhibition book

    Patrick Caulfield book, £14.99
    Hardback overview of Caulfield’s iconic career
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  • A grey t-shirt with six smoking pipes printed on it

    Pipes t-shirt, £25
    Designed by Patrick Caulfield during his lifetime, the original version of this t-shirt was a favourite of the artists and was worn by him in his studio while painting.
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  • A Caulfield framed print of lots of different coloured pots

    Pottery framed print, £30
    Archival quality framed print, a vibrant addition to any modern home.
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  • A ceramic plate showing coloured pots

    Patrick Caulfield plate, £17.50
    Beautiful ceramic plate featuring one of Caulfield’s most famous works Pottery
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