Peter Doig: explore the exhibition, room 2

Peter Doig Jetty 1994 distant image of a man standing on the jetty of a lake with a canoe floating nearby The lake is surrounded by snowy mountains
Doig Young Bean Farmer 1991 painting of a farm house and a boy running in the fields

Doig’s work is inspired by the flow of things seen everyday and by the art he looks at, from past and present. It seems personal, yet he often draws upon found photographic sources – newspaper images and postcards, as well as photos he has taken himself. Suffused with strangeness, his paintings seem a world apart.

The pictures in this room exemplify Doig’s unusual choice of subjects. A number of them feature an isolated, anonymous figure – a motif that recurs throughout his career. Even the uninhabited landscapes and houses have a haunted aspect. Within these imaginative scenarios, the atmosphere is highly charged, yet the narrative is uncertain. In Young Bean Farmer 1991 the ambiguous nature of the scene invites the viewer to determine their own reading of the story. In other works, such as Jetty 1994, the visual representation seems to be dissolving into the abstract medium of paint.