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Deacon refers to himself as a fabricator to distinguish his working methods from those of the carver and modeller. His approach is sensitive to the physicality of materials, which are usually quite ordinary. Symptomatic of the ambition of his range of references and impetuses is the small-scale but materially rich series Art for Other People. It was begun in 1982 and intended for domestic spaces, to sit beside other objects and furniture that people had acquired to use in or decorate a space. While the series can be understood as providing a ‘grammar of forms’ for larger works, Deacon hoped they would end up in a variety of places and that the owners’ relationship to the work would be personal, even intimate.

Richard Deacon, 'Art for Other People No 12' 1984
Richard Deacon
Art for Other People No 12 1984
Marble and leather
object: 190 x 300 x 400 mm
Purchased 2010

Art For Other People #2 1982
Marble, wood, vinyl and polyester resin
430 x 1580 x 330 mm
Private collection

Art For Other People #6 1983
Suede and brass
325 x 680 x 370 mm

Art For Other People #12 1984
Marble and leather
190 x 300 x 400 mm

Art For Other People #30 1993
Rigid polythene
130 x 600 x 230 mm
Private collection

One: Art For Other People #32 1996
Cardboard and epoxy resin
520 x 710 x 320 mm
Nancy Gillespie and Sebastien de La Selle

Two: Art For Other People #33 1996
310 x 730 x 750 mm
Private collection

Art For Other People #39 1997
Nylon net, linen thread and MDF wood
770 x 220 x 100 mm
Private collection

Another Ribbon Bow 2004
White earthenware
120 x 1180 x 900 mm
Private collection