Richard Long: Heaven and Earth, room guide: room 5

Richard Long Transference 2003 a poem where the text is applied to the wall

Dartmoor, in Devon, is my ‘home’ ground, a place I have used repeatedly in many ways since 1969. It is my prototype landscape, plateau-like, treeless, with plenty of water - perfect walking country. On much bigger scales I have recognised similar places around the world, like the tundra of Alaska, the pampas in Argentina or the steppes of Mongolia.

The idea for Transference came from a phenomenon in subatomic physics whereby a particle can act on the behaviour of another particle so as to create a symmetry of itself, over a relatively vast distance. So I first made a walk on Dartmoor recording various things. Then later on a completely different walk in Japan, I deliberately looked out for and could find certain things that were the same as on Dartmoor, or did repeat, or I could make them repeat, even in the same order of occurrence. It is about a symmetry of places, or events, on different sides of the world, and universal phenomena.