Room 4: The Bawdy

Margaret Harrison, ‘Banana Woman’ 1971
Margaret Harrison
Banana Woman 1971
© Margaret F. Harrison
Donald McGill A Stick of Rock Cock a cartoon of a man standing on the beach holding an enormous stick of rock sweet at his crotch pointing upwards

Donald McGill
A Stick of Rock, Cock?

British Cartoon Archive, University Kent 
© Donald McGill Archive.


Sarah Lucas, ‘Chicken Knickers’ 1997
Sarah Lucas
Chicken Knickers 1997
© Sarah Lucas

Robust sexual humour has had a highly visible role to play in British culture, from the low-life narratives of Hogarth, through the gross bodies of Rowlandson and Gillray, to Benny Hill, Are You Being Served? and Kenny Everett. Rude puns, sexual jokes and erotic imagery have a strong role to play in much contemporary art, often informed by a critical and self-aware sexual politics.

Please be aware that this section of the exhibition contains some sexually explicit images and language.