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  • From The Beano 10 December 1995 When the Bell Rings a comic strip
    When the Bell Rings
    The Beano 10 December 1955
  • David Shrigley untitled 2000 drawing of a mans smiling face and the the text ha repeated underneath
    David Shrigley
    Untitled 2000
  • William Hogarth Characters and Caricatures April 1743 drawing of many different heads in profile filling the page
    William Hogarth
    Characters and Caricatures April 1743

The works brought together in this first room highlight the assortment of media, techniques, styles and artistic strategies to be seen in the exhibition as a whole. You can see allegorical and caricature images from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, ceramics and mass-produced prints from the nineteenth century, and early comic books and comic strips, as well as contemporary artworks in various media. Together, they demonstrate the sheer variety and range of British comic art over history.