William Blake: Exhibition themes

William Blake, ‘The Good and Evil Angels’ 1795–?c.1805
William Blake
The Good and Evil Angels 1795–?c.1805

The exhibition displays the full range of William Blake’s art and poetry, together with contextual materials, and is arranged in four sections. For detailed information on each section click on the titles below:

One of the Gothic Artists concentrates on Blake’s life-long interest in the Gothic, both as a source of his own distinctive style and technique and as an ideal of spiritual and artistic integrity.

The Furnace of Lambeth’s Vale focuses on Blake’s life in Lambeth during the 1790s, when his radical political views and innovative printmaking techniques fused in a new visionary art.

Chambers of the Imagination explores Blake’s visionary universe, analysing the cultural materials out of which he forged his ideas, his language and his images.

Many Formidable Works displays a selection of the major illuminated books that not only affirm Blake’s original vision but represents those works for which the artist himself wished to be remembered.

William Blake Gothic Art

William Blake: Gothic art: past Tate Britain exhibition

William Blake The Furnace of Lambeth's Vale

William Blake: Exhibition themes: The Furnace of Lambeth's Vale: past Tate Britain exhibition

William Blake Chambers of the Imagination

William Blake: Exhibition themes: Chambers of the Imagination: past Tate Britain exhibition

William Blake Many Formidable Works

William Blake: Exhibition themes: Many Formidable Works