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  • Cathy Rogers, Train Film 2009, film strip
    Cathy Rogers, Train Film 2009
  • Nicky Hamlyn, Rings 2013, film screening at Tate Britain, Monday 24 February 2014
    Nicky Hamlyn, Rings 2013
    Film still
  • The Amen Break, Torsten Lauschman
    Torsten Lauschman The Amen Break 2013
  • Bicycle tyre track, Vicky Smith
    Vicky Smith Bicycle tyre track 2012

  • Cipher screen, Greg Pope
    Greg Pope Cipher screen 2009

This special programme reinvigorates the idea of film through the physical experience of multi-projection performances. Featuring new and reconfigured work.

Bicycle Tyre Track

Vicky Smith, 2012
16 mm film, projector, clay/paint emulsion, 15 min*

14:11 (Train Film)
Cathy Rogers, 2009/2013
Super 8 film, 10 min*

Nicky Hamyln, 2012
16mm black and white loops for four projectors, 15min*


The Amen Break
Torsten Lauschmann, 2014
Projection and mirror ball, 15 min*

Cipher Screen
Greg Pope, 2009 (sound by Lee Patterson)
Two 16mm projectors and live sound, 30 min*

*Please note all timings approximate for Near and Further Contact II

This programme is paired with Assembly: Near and Further Contact I on Sunday 23 February 2014. It is the second Assembly screening in the Grand Saloon, the first was Assembly: Signs and Signals on Monday 20 January.

Tate Film is supported by Maja-Hoffmann / LUMA Foundation

With additional support for Assembly from Bilge Ogut-Cumbusyan and Haro Cumbusyan