Tate Britain Late

Late at Tate Britain

The perfect opportunity for the curiously minded to explore the gallery after hours

A gallery full of people

Artists Syd Shelton, James Barnor, Neil Kenlock and Dennis Morris in conversation with social historian Emma Dabiri and Rianna Jade Parker

Late at Tate Britain: Stand Firm © Tate / Dan Weill

An auditorium full of people

Debating the politics of fashion with Finn Mactaggart, Rhea Dillon, Bethany Williams and Jenna Young

Late at Tate Britain: Stance © Tate / Dan Weill

People stretching

Vogueing workshop with Jay Jay Revlon

Late at Tate Britain: Platinum Paradise © Tate / Dan Weill

A life drawing class

Life drawing with queerdirect

Late at Tate Britain: Flux © Tate / Dan Weill

People looking at prints

A display of Nigerian photographer J.D. Okhai Ojeikere in the Modern Print Room

Late at Tate Britain: Cut & Colour © Tate / Dan Weill

A crowd of people dancing

Crowd dancing to Touching Bass

Late at Tate Britain: Stand Firm © Tate / Dan Weill

Three speakers talking to a crowd

Nicole Crentsil in conversation with The Slumflower and Shadez the Misfit Late at Tate Britain: Generation © Tate / Dan Weill

A gallery full of people dancing

BBC Azn Network DJ‘ing in Room 1840

Late at Tate Britain: Mantra © Tate / Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

People casting shadows on a wall featuring a colourful projection

Memo Akten, Body Paint Late at Tate Britain: Question © Tate / Dan Weill

A large crowd watching a poet perform in front of a painting

Late at Tate Britain: Mantra © Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

A large group of people doing an origami activity sitting at a long table

Late at Tate Britain: Recall © Dan Weill

A crowd of people watching a performance

Late at Tate Britain: Rang Baranga © Dan Weill

A group of people watching two poets perform in front of an artwork

Travis Alabanza and Liv Wynter perform in response to Tracey Emin’s My Bed

Late at Tate Britain: My Bed © Tate / Dan Weill

Bring your friends, check out an amazing mix of artworks, have a drink and a bite to eat. It’s free to get in, a great atmosphere with a relaxed immersive mix of sound and visuals, hands-on making activities and intriguing discussion all curated exclusively by 18−25 year olds from Tate Collective London.

Late at Tate Britain 2018 is inspired by displays, exhibitions and artwork at Tate. These include Art Now: Marguerite Humeau, John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, the Anthea Hamilton Tate Britain Commission 2018 and Turner Prize 2018.

Tate Britain

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6 April 2018 at 18.00–21.30

1 June 2018 at 18.00–21.30

3 August 2018 at 18.00–21.30

5 October 2018 at 18.00–21.30

7 December 2018 at 18.00–21.30

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