Tate Britain

Mission to the Land of Misplaced Memories Gaylene Gould and WriteTalkListen / dubmorphology

Anamnesis and her Sonic Crew have lost their way.

Memory gaps confuse their ships co-ordinates while ghosts of misplaced memories leak from government archives. Countries are suing Britain demanding the reparation of their own memory banks and the crew has been guided back to Tate by a trail of sugar. In the hope of getting back on course, the crew plan to dock the SS Sugar Ship to discover the truth behind the secrets that have kept them drifting through space and time.

Over five days Anamnesis and her crew will collect and sonically re-master the memories of invited experts, gallery visitors and the building itself. Visitors are invited on board the SS Sugar Ship to participate by joining the discussions, retrieving their own lost memories and contributing their recollections to the sonic data bank.

Will this re-tune the crew’s instruments or create more memory holes?

Gaylene Gould and WriteTalkListen/ dubmorphology (Gary Stewart and Trevor Mathison)

A collaborative team using research and performance, sound and visual installation to explore how culture and history shapes our intimate memories.



Tate Britain
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