Apollo by English National Ballet. Photo by Annabel Moeller.
Apollo by English National Ballet

Inspired by Picasso’s visionary costume and set design work with the Ballets Russes, three ballets have been commissioned by English National Ballet especially for Late at Tate Britain: Picasso. They receive their world premiere performance alongside extracts from Balanchine’s Apollo, featured in the Beyond Ballets Russes season at the London Coliseum, 22 March – 1 April 2012.

18.30–18.50 World Premiere Performance of Late at Tate Britain: Picasso Commissions and extracts of Balanchine’s Apollo, Duveen Galleries

19.15–19.35 Repeat Performance

20.00–20.20 Repeat Performance

20.45–21.05 Repeat Performance

This event is related to the exhibition Picasso & Modern British Art