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Juke Box meets Tate Britain: Yuri Suzuki

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Juke Box Meets Tate Britain is an exhibition of juke boxes presenting a changing and expanding archive of sonic connections, inspirations and interpretations of the BP Walk through British Art display.

Featuring music artists listened to while creating  the artwork you see in the galleries, spoken word excerpts from letters and diaries written 100 years ago, and even animal noises inspired by creatures found in the  paintings – this growing archive of real vinyl records makes you think about the collection in new and surprising ways.

If you would like to add your own sounds to the juke boxes, join artist Yuri Suzuki for a live vinyl cutting session on either Sunday 26 January or Sunday 9 February.

Alternatively, suggest a tune online and contirbute to Tate Britain's family-curated juke box!

Find out more about Juke Box Meets Tate Britain: Audio recording sessions for families.

This display includes the sound clips below, the original recordings from the British Library:

George V, King of Great Britain, 1865–1936,
Silver Jubilee Message to the Empire.   
Shelf Mark: 1CL0019525
Date: 05/09/1935

Gielgud, Sir John
Scenes from Midsummer Night's Dream
Shelf Mark: 1CL0005067
Date: 1931

Andrews, Gillian, Brown, Lois
English Playlets: Punch and Judy On November the Fifth
Shelf Mark: 1CS0011577
Date: 1952

James, Prof. A Lloyd, Bacon, Francis
Francis Bacon's Of Studies
Shelf Mark: 1CL0005041
Date: 04/11/1905

English Songs: One Man Went To Mow, For he Is a Jolly Good Fellow, The Mulberry Bush, etc.
Shelf Mark: 1CS0011579
Date: 1952–8

Newbolt, Sir Henry,
The Adventurers; Rilloby Rill
Shelf Mark: 1CL0046330
Date: 08/07/1929

Bourne, Francis, Archbishop of Westminster,
Speech on Education
Shelf Mark: 1CS0079565
Date: 01/13/1906

Collier, Derek (violin)
Sonatas, violin, HWV371. Larghetto; arr/Handel-Hubay
Shelf Mark: 1LL0000699; C1475/3
Date: 1949-11-08

Ainley, Henry, 1897-1945
Hamlet excerpt
Shelf Mark: 1CS0059242
Date: 1930

Lambirth, Andrew
The National Life Stories, Artist Lives, Patrick Caufield, Interviewed by Andrew Lambirth.
Shelf Mark: C466/64
Date: 1996–8

Roberts, Melanie
The National Life Stories, Artists' Lives, Barbara Steveni, Interviewed by Melanie Roberts
Shelf Mark: C466/80
Date: 1998

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Juke Box meets Tate Britain: Audio recording sessions for families

8 Dec 2013
Juke Box Meets Tate Britain: Audio recording sessions for families; weekend events at Tate Britain until February 2014