Eileen Agar portrait seated outdoors
Photograph of Eileen Agar, c 1936

Join us to explore the archives of the surrealist painter, Eileen Agar.

Eileen Agar was a prominent female surrealist artist who worked with the London group in the 1930s and exhibited at the International Surrealist Exhibition in 1936. Two of her best known works, Angel of Anarchy and Autobiography of an Embryo are in the Tate Gallery collections. She had close links with other artists including Picasso, who she holidayed with in southern France, and Paul Nash, with whom she had an affair in the late 1930s.

On display in the Hyman Kreitman Reading Rooms will be a fascinating selection of items from the archives, including love letters from Paul Nash,  Agar’s preparatory artwork, some of her notes and writings, and an extensive collection of photographs.