L.S. Lowry Ancoats Hospital Outpatients' Hall 1952
L.S. Lowry
Ancoats Hospital Outpatients’ Hall 1952

Join us for a discussion on the relationship between British painting and ideas of modernism, with a distinguished panel of speakers including Ross McKibbin, Lisa Tickner and the curators of Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life Anne Wagner and T.J. Clark.

The ideas of modernity have been traditionally studied in the context of continental European art and history, and France in particular. The exhibition seeks to adjust this perception by proposing that Lowry has been able to reach back to where the 19th-century ‘painters of modern life’ had left off.

This panel offers an opportunity to debate the question of modernism in relation to British painting more generally. How did painting reflect the life of the first industrial nation and the social relations industrialization gave rise to? How did visions of modernity in Britain connect to the preceding painterly tradition? These issues are addressed by a panel of eminent speakers from a variety of perspectives spanning art history, and social, intellectual and political history.

Speakers: T.J. Clark, Ross McKibbin, Lisa Tickner, Anne Wagner
Chair: Professor Caroline Arscott

This event is related to the exhibition Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life