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Summer School Teachers' programme

A week-long opportunity to actively reflect on current connections between contemporary practice and art education.

It’s been a dynamic, well organised and very beneficial week. I’ve very much enjoyed the learning experience.Summer School participant, 2011

This five-day Summer School is framed by the particular practice of an artist and their art form where it intersects with teaching practice and connects to Tate’s collection and exhibitions. Each year a new programme of practical and discussion based workshops, curators’ talks and artist interventions, explore the possibilities for using Tate Modern as a unique resource for teachers. You are invited to contribute to an evolving conversation around new approaches to teaching and learning in the art classroom.

This year's Summer School is informed by the Tate's acquisition and display of Meschac Gaba's Museum of Contemporary African Art 1997–2002 . Using the context of Gaba’s Museum as a starting point the Summer School will be framed by the cultural practice of Call and Response. Call and Response is a form of communication and dialogue associated but not exclusively from Africa. Most commonly occurring in musical genres like: jazz, blues, gospel and hip-hop, it sets up a framework to look at forms of communications, knowledge, power and agency.

Artist Harold Offeh and a series of guest artist’s practices inform and activate the Summer School. A programme of activities explores how performative acts, gestures and interventions can inform, expand, question, challenge and open our understanding of artist’s practice and processes in the museum.

The Summer School attracts an exciting group of teachers and artists from around the world to create a dynamic and memorable learning experience. Your classroom may never be the same again!

Plus, as part of Summer School, a conversation between Larry Achiampong and Brian Shimkovitz at Tate Modern, took place on Friday 2 August 2013 at 18:00.

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Tate Modern Talk

Larry Achiampong and Brian Shimkovitz in conversation as part of Tate Summer School

2 Aug 2013

Artist Larry Achiampong and Awesome Tapes From Africa founder Brian Shimkovitz in conversation about their recent projects and approaches to ...


Services Rendered: A Talk with Harold Offeh

Harold Offeh employs a range of strategies to explore contemporary popular media representations of race, identity and desire.