Drawing the Line drawing course at Tate Liverpool ON12
Drawing course at Tate Liverpool

Join documentary artist Julia Midgley, (Reader in Documentary Drawing, at Liverpool School of Art & Design, LJMU), for a master class in documentary drawing. 

This day-long master class will focus on documentary drawing, its connection with war, war artists and its many applications. Participants will analyse drawing processes and techniques inspired by artists as diverse as William Kentridge, Henry Moore and William Orpen whose work is currently on display in Tracing the Century: Drawing as a Catalyst for Change.

Drawing exercises will focus on the body and its anatomy. Participants will work from the skeleton, learning anatomical proportions in preparation to better depict moving living bodies from direct observation. Later in the day the participants will assume the role of ‘fly on the wall’ documentary artists moving into the exhibition galleries to discreetly draw and record activity as it happens.

Through a combination of practical workshops and group discussions participants will be encouraged to consider the importance of composing a balanced image whilst working at speed, and will explore the diverse applications of reportage drawing techniques. 

No previous experience necessary. 

Price includes materials and entry to Tracing the Century: Drawing as a Catalyst for Change.

This event is related to the exhibition Tracing the Century: Drawing as a Catalyst for Change