Dan Perjovschi Fifth Floor drawing 1 2008
Dan Perjovschi
Fifth Floor Drawing 1 2008
Variable dimensions

Dan Perjovschi is a renowned Romanian artist whose cartoon-type drawings, disarmingly immediate yet politically resonant, have appeared in a range of formats, from his own notebooks to pages of newspapers and inscribed directly onto gallery walls.

The relevance of the drawings is premised on the artist’s ability to respond quickly and incisively to context, deploying irony and humour to comment on local and global events, economics, and culture.

For his project at Tate Liverpool Perjovschi will be working directly onto gallery walls and stairwells before and during the exhibition, developing the project by working with and alongside Liverpool school children. He will also invite the public to draw cartoons on the wall, so they intermingle with his throughout the exhibition.

Dan Perjovschi has posed three questions to the children of Liverpool, and their drawn responses will be exhibited in the Education Studio, alongside the exhibition The Fifth Floor.