International Festival

International Festival Start me up 2008

International Festival
Start me up 2008
Installation view
Mixed media performance
Display dimensions variable, approx 240 x 1000 x 1200 cm

Photo: Rod Tidnam and David Lambert
© International Festival

Founded in 2004, Swedish artists’ group International Festival devise works in a range of cultural contexts and operate at the interface between architecture and performance, and between object and action. Their work facilitates a collective dialogue that aims to dissolve the line between spectator and viewer.

For The Fifth Floor, International Festival will design a modular and flexible ‘film-set’ installation that can be modified and reconfigured to host a myriad of performances and activities. A series of activities – from gatherings of hobby groups to live performance by artists’ collectives, from academic discussions to stand-up comedy – is being programmed to run throughout the exhibition.

Their installation enables Tate Liverpool’s galleries to be used in radical new ways, literally providing the building blocks and contexts for action and engagement, a framework where ideas take space.