Nina Edge

Nina Edge 5th Dimensional Everything step one 2008

Nina Edge
5th Dimensional Everything (step one) 2008

Image by Nina Edge
© Nina Edge

Liverpool artist Nina Edge is renowned for her projects involving local communities. She has developed a keen interest in communicating about the impact of public authorities on private lives and seeks to involve many ‘publics’ in the debate around housing resources, personal freedom and notions of ‘the common good’.

For The Fifth Floor she has devised a board game entitled 5D Everything. Played on five layers and based on solitaire, it combines elements of chance and player preference. Each counter is assigned a different value or meaning symbolising different elements of life, the 5th element signifying imagination.

By playing the game the player ‘selects’ counters – or values – which are eliminated from the board, finally leaving five counters that express our hopes, aspirations and fears. You are all invited to the exhibition to engage in this game of chance where fate and process intermingle.