Peter Liversidge

Peter Liversidge 120 Proposals for The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space 2008

Peter Liversidge
120 Proposals for ‘The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space’ 2008
Installation view

Photo: Rodney Tidnam and David Lambert
Courtesy of the artist / Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh
© Peter Liversidge

Liversidge is a young British artist whose work embraces a wide range of media – from drawing, photography and painting to performance, sculpture and installation.

As his contribution to The Fifth Floor, Liversidge has extended his ‘proposals’ series: groups of hand-typed and posted suggestions for artworks or performances whose poeticism and intent ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous.

His 120 individual proposals for Liverpool, for instance, include freezing the River Mersey, and inviting a school choir to Tate Liverpool to perform Jingle Bells on 16 December 2008, marking the 151st anniversary of the song’s composition.

Operating at the boundaries of imagination, his art possesses an assured lightness, in counterpoint to which can be found elements of absurdist humour. The overarching concern is to create an ‘art of possibility’.