Image courtesy of Tenantspin and FACT

tenantspin is a Liverpool-based Community TV Channel. It was established by the Danish artists’ group Superflex in 1999 and is now managed by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), city-wide tenants and Arena Housing, a North-West Housing Association. This unique collaboration enables all parties to explore issues around ways of living and interacting.

For The Fifth Floor, tenantspin will design and establish a fully-equipped TV studio within the galleries where stories, opinions, and views will be collected from visitors, and where live discussions, readings and performances will take place. All content will be available on the tenantspin website.

tenantspin are also providing Media Training to individuals and community groups in Liverpool. In tandem with the International Festival stage, the tenantspin studio will be a hub for a live programme of events on The Fifth Floor.

tenantspin is a FACT and Arena Housing project.