Xijing Men

Chen Shaoxiong and Tsuyoshi Ozawan Xijing Men Detail Summer Holiday 2008

Chen Shaoxiong & Tsuyoshi Ozawan (Xijing Men)
Detail: Summer Holiday 2008

© Xijing Men, Chen Shaoxiong

Xijing Men is an artists’ group comprising three members: Chen Shaoxiong (China), Gimhongsok (Korea), and Tsuyoshi Ozawa (Japan).

As part of The Fifth Floor, inspired by oral histories from their respective countries, each artist will create artwork which will be used by local puppet theatre groups in Liverpool as a basis to create storyboards. Once complete, Xijing Men will meet the theatre group and work collaboratively to fabricate puppets and props ahead of puppet theatre performances at Tate Liverpool.

The process will enable Xijing Men to explain the significance and meaning of their chosen fairytales. The project and performance will enable the exchange of oral histories, and reveal how folklore can be transposed and mediated between different cultures.