Room 3

Glenn Brown The Real Thing 2000

Glenn Brown
The Real Thing
Oil on panel
81.3 x 66 cm

Rennie Collection, Vancouver, Canada
© Glenn Brown

Brown often returns to the same painting again and again to unravel and manipulate its component parts: surface texture, colour, scale, and focus. The paintings and the sculpture in this room are all responses to two portraits by Auerbach.

By repeating a subject you are asking people to consider what has changed, what the artist has done to change the mind of the sitter. Thus an Auerbach painting can move from heroic to dumb and then to melancholic all because I have changed my perception and palette.

Works in this room

New Dawn Fades 2000
Oil on panel
71.5 x 62 cm
Private collection

Little Death  2000
Oil on panel
68 x 54 cm
Thomas Dane, London

The Marquess of Breadalbane 2000
Oil on panel
96 x 78.5 cm (37.7 x 30.9 in), oval
Private collection

The Real Thing 2000
Oil on panel
81.3 x 66 cm
Rennie Collection, Vancouver, Canada

1888 2000
Oil paint on acrylic over plaster, vitrine
34 x 57 x 34 cm
Private collection, Munich

Kinder Transport 1999
Oil on panel
67 x 57.5 cm (26.3 x 22.6 in)
Delfina Foundation