Room 4

Glenn Brown Deep Throat 2007

Glenn Brown
Deep Throat 2007
Oil on panel, 152 x 122 cm

Private collection, London
© Glenn Brown

Seen as a totality, this room exists in a series of tensions – between aesthetic purity and referential decay, art historical allusion and experiential revulsion: ‘I like my paintings to be sitting nervously on a fence. Neither one thing or another.’ Brown’s progression here is seen at its most concentrated, a species of wit that combines allusion with dark comedy, the whole brought together in his trompe l’oeil play with deep impasto and ceramic smoothness. It is an encounter that is at once revelatory and disturbing, leaving the onlooker in a state of creative and enriching confusion.

Works in this room

Kill Yourself 2002
Oil on panel
82 x 68.5 cm
The Sander Collection

On Hearing of the Death of My Mother 2002
Oil on panel
119 x 88 cm
Private collection

Tart Wit, Wise Humor 2007
Oil on panel
144 x 108.5 cm (56.6 x 42.7 in), oval
Private collection

Debaser  2009
Oil on panel
100 x 75 cm
Collection the artist

The Andromeda Strain 2000 TBC
Oil paint on acrylic over plaster, vitrine
35 x 32 x 30 cm
Collection Rudolf and Ute Scharpff

Deep Throat 2007
Oil on panel
152 x 122 cm
Private collection, London

Suffer Well 2007
Oil on panel
157 x 120 cm
Collection of Danielle and David Ganek