Room 5

Brown is attracted to ‘the gothic notion of a figure trapped somewhere between the psyche of the model, the artist, the photographer, the printing process and me.’ As with many of his portraits, the figures in this room are trapped in time and space, making them impossible for the viewer to connect with. These works question the genre of portraiture, revealing the inaccuracies of capturing real people through the illusory devices of painting. ‘I have a tendency to want to blind the subjects I paint. I try not to, but often am lead to the same conclusion. The link that occurs between the gaze of the subject and viewer is too strong, too exclusive. By blinding, or obstructing that gaze, the viewer is asked to take other aspects of the painting into consideration.’

Works in this room

Hunky Dory 2005
Oil on panel
157 x 110 cm (61.8 x 43.3 in)
Private collection

Wooden Heart 2008
Oil paint on acrylic over metal armature, vitrine
151 x 57 x 70 cm
Collection the artist

Sex 2003
Oil on panel
126 x 85 cm
Collection David Teiger

Theatre 2006
Oil on panel
122 x 93 cm
Collection Rudolf and Ute Scharpff

The Holy Virgin 2003
Oil on panel
114 x 76.5 cm
Collection of Nicolas Rohatyn and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, New York