Room 9

Glenn Brown Nausea 2008

Glenn Brown
Nausea 2008
Oil on panel
120 x 155 cm

© Glenn Brown

Often painting from reproductions in books, Brown’s relationship to the images he uses as source material changes as he views a page from different locations in his studio. The paintings in this final room are some of the artist’s most recent, and have a weightlessness of form that often comes from details in reproductions being isolated and rotated. Full of references and iconographies accumulated from paintings throughout history, their ultimate meaning is left open.

Reading a painting of mine is a very subjective thing; it all depends on what historical baggage the viewer has at their disposal… As painting is difficult it is better to encourage the viewer to do as much work as possible. Leave a few gaps and the human brain quickly tries to fill them, and make sense of what it sees.

Works in this room

Ariane 5 1997
Oil on canvas, mounted on board
91 x 72 cm
Collection Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin

The Great Masturbator 2006
Oil on panel
110 x 88 cm
The Sander Collection

The Alabama Song 2007
Oil on panel
147 x 120 cm
Private Collection

Nausea 2008
Oil on panel
155 x 120 cm
Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

Searched Hard for You and Your Special Ways 1995
Oil on canvas mounted on board
89 x 75 cm
Collection the artist

The Osmond Family 2003
Oil on panel
142.5 x 100.5 cm
Courtesy Gagosian Gallery