Doug Aitken

Hysteria 1998
Video (4 screen projection)
Dimensions variable

Fiona Banner

Don’t Look Back 1999
3 part screen print
2600mm x 3200mm
Tate Collection

Julie Becker

Suburban Legend 1999
Video installation
Size variable

Andrea Bowers

Democracy’s Body – Dance Dance Revolution 2001
4 DVDs, 4 LCD monitors, 4 audiosystems, 4 DVD players
Size variable

Candice Breitz

Double Karen (Close to You) 2000
Size variable

Angela Bulloch

Disco Floor_Bootleg:16 2002
Pixel boxes
4000mm x 4000mm x 650mm

Dexter Dalwood

Ian Curtis 18.05.80 2001
Oil on canvas
2082mm x 1752mm

Neverland (Michael Jackson’s Bedroom) 1999
Oil on canvas
1830mm x 2130mm

Paisley Park 1998
Oil on canvas
1520mm x 1830mm

Rineke Dijkstra

The Buzz Club/Mysteryworld 1996
Size variable

Rodney Graham

Photokinetoscope 2001
Size variable

Andreas Gursky

May Day 1V 2000
2050mm x 5050mm

Gary Hume

Michael Jackson 2001
Gloss paint on aluminium
1219mm in diameter

Mark Leckey

Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore 1999
Size variable

Dawn Mellor

Love on the Rocks 2001
Oil on canvas
1650mm x 1520mm

no, no, no, no, no 2001
Oil on canvas
1830mm x 1220mm

Leader of the Pack 2001
Oil on canvas
1820mm x 1250mm

Chris Ofili

Popcorn Shells 1996
Acrylic, oil, resin, paper collage, map pins and elephant dung on canvas
1830mm x 1220mm

Afrodizzia 1996
Oil paint, paper collage, glitter, polyester resin, map pins and elephant dung on linen
2440mm x 1830mm

Julian Opie

Damon from Blur
Vinyl on wooden stretcher
1920mm x 1600mm

Engines – Footsteps – Voices 1999
Aluminium paint, sound system, perspex, c-print on paper
2690mm x 3960mm

Elizabeth Peyton

Kurt (Sunglasses) 1995
Oil on board
4000m x 3000m

Spencer at Florent 2001
Oil on board
304mm x 228mm

Flower Liam 1996
Oil on board
430mm x 350mm