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The Office of Useful Art is a working office and education centre located in Art Turning Left and is open throughout the exhibition. The Office of Useful Art is Tate Liverpool’s contribution to a long-term project that aims to explore the idea of usefulness or usership back into art. The Useful Art Association was started by Cuban artist Tania Bruguera through her project Immigrant Movement International in New York. This movement promotes the idea of art as a process that should have real effect in society, as part of everyday civic life, rather than a rarefied spectator experience.

Our Office of Useful Art is a place where you can take part in workshops and discussions, a place to read, listen, join in debates or make things as part of your exhibition visit or to come back to at another time. Help build The Useful Art Association by dropping by and becoming a member. You can join in and take part in growing the Useful Art Movement with your school or college group, as part of your community group or as an interested individual.

We can even focus on a specific artwork from the exhibition by moving it into the Office for a time posing questions such as ‘What is an art work useful for?’, ‘Can you use art in everyday life?’, ‘ What difference can an artwork make to your life?’. If you are interested in these questions or have questions of your own, then we would like to hear from you. You may be involved in community action, design projects, inventions, gardening projects, that could be seen as art-like and making a contribution to society. There will be a series of programmed events that you can come along to or you can propose to hold an event in the Office.

Please contact Jessica.Fairclough@tate.org.uk for more information.

The Office of the Useful Art Association forms part of the Uses of Art: The Legacy of 1848 and 1989; a five-year project across Europe with Grizedale Arts, Tate Liverpool, Ikon Gallery, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Reina Sofia Madrid, MACBA Barcelona, MvHKA Antwerp, SALT Istanbul, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, University of Hildersheim, Liverpool John Moores University, Aprior Magazine and Koninklijke Academie van Schone Kunsten (KASK) Ghent.


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