Jon Fawcett: Wheel 2007
Jon Fawcett
Wheel 2007

Jon Fawcett’s work explores activity beyond normal conceptions of what is real and what is possible. Developed from research into conspiracy theories, new age ideas and new science, his object-based work is highly engineered, incorporating military or high-end materials and technologies.

Fawcett’s work re-mystifies our reality and re-empowers us, offering us an essentially politicised freedom of both perception and action.

Jon Fawcett discusses his work as part of  Artist Talks on Friday 17 August.

See Tate Collectives #UnderCurrent Tumblr.

Part of the Undercurrent: young people’s festival.

Part of the series The Tanks: Art in Action

Supported by Tate and the Arts Council England, with thanks to the College of Psychic Studies and Honeywell Safety Products/Miller Fall Protection