Michael Wynters Barnes Dutty Lingo

Michael Wynters Barnes
Dutty Lingo

© Pablo Melchor

Artist and producer Michael Barnes-Wynters invites young audiences to tune in and add responses to a live audiovisual intervention, exploring the sub-cultural lexicon of urban tribes.

In association with The Museum of Club Culture, this is a one-off collaboration between young art collectives from the north and the south of the UK, including Manchester’s Young Identity Poets and Doodlebug visual agitators Pablo Melchor, Bedos Mavanubu, Albino Mosquito, Dr J’s Time Machine and guest Jerry Dammers.

Michael Barnes-Wynters discusses his work in our Artist Talks on Thursday 23 August.

See Tate Collectives #UnderCurrent Tumblr.

Part of Undercurrent: young people’s festival.

Part of the series The Tanks: Art in Action