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  • Anthea Hamilton: KABUKI

    Anthea Hamilton
    KABUKI 2012

    Photo from Wysing: Michael Cameron Photography

  • Anthea Hamilton Kabuki 2012 (in conjunction with Vivarium StudioHAU2, Berlin Photo: Alain Roux LIMITED

    Anthea Hamilton
    Kabuki 2012 (in conjunction with Vivarium StudioHAU2, Berlin)

    © The artist Photo: Alain Roux

Anthea Hamilton will present a performance inspired by the classical Japanese dance theatre forms of Noh and Kabuki. Working with untrained performers and traditional staging to interpret some of the original choreographic language, Hamilton seeks to see how action and gesture can be passed from one culture and generation to another, making visible the stylistic mutations that occur via this transmission.

Hamilton (born 1978, London) works with sculpture, painting, moving-image and performance using the iconography of popular culture and history to create her own form of contemporary pop art. Current solo projects include Frieze Projects East (with Nicholas Byrne), London, and Firstsite, Colchester, UK and she has previously had solo exhibitions at the Chisenhale Gallery (2008) and IBID Projects (2011).

Part of the series The Tanks: Art in Action