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BMW Tate Live: Thought Workshops

If you had a year to change something, what would you do?

We invite 30 people to join us and explore the possibility of change through ideas in art, thought, technology and more. The project is open to anybody and everybody – and all kinds of ideas.

The BMW Tate Live Thought Workshops series took place across four workshops and a public event from Saturday 27 July 2013 to Sunday 2 March 2014. A community of selected participants helped us to shape topics and format for each of these workshops, designed to broaden discussions into areas beyond art itself, that are of interest to a wider spectrum of the public, such as society, education, politics or the personal. On 1 March 2014 the Thought Workshop series hosted a high-profile panel discussion entitled If you had a year to change something, what would you do? for a live public and online audience, addressing our capacity for change and potential to creatively imagine the future.

Read more about the project, the four Thought Workshops and our public panel discussion on these pages. 

The BMW Tate Live Thought Workshops series was organised in partnership with Quarantine.


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