Art and Special Educational Needs study day 2013

This event is for teachers and staff working with students with special educational needs (SEN), students from Pupil Referral Units (PRU) and students with emotional and behavioral difficulties (EBD).

The session creatively challenges preconceptions about the nature and potential of engagement in art by young people with special educational needs.

The day aims to support and extend classroom practice and open up a shared discussion on how art can underpin the imagination and creative thinking of your students.

As an artist who has collaborated with a young man with autism and worked closely with many other artists with learning disabilities, Ben Connors is keen to explore alternative ways of creating, communicating and responding to Tate Modern as a sensory experience. Considering the art alongside the fabric of the building, the group will also have the opportunity to work with creative studio ‘Could Be Good’ to help collect, collate and share the fruits of our creativity. 

Supported by the Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation