Speak to Strangers event part of the Summer Programme 2013: The Skirt of the Black Mouth project, Tate Modern

Gemma Seltzer will be enjoying the weather, come rain or shine, at the Skirt of the Black Mouth this summer.

During June and July, she’ll be collecting stories of beach adventures, ice cream disasters, and being caught out in flip-flops in a downpour. Join her to share your tales of London summers and become part of a conversation that will inspire ten original hundred-word stories.

Visit speaktostrangersbankside.tumblr.com each day to read the latest story – the first of which is below!


On my right, two girls sit on the bench. With knees clutched to their chests, they don’t talk, flooding the air with waves of cigarette smoke instead. To my left, you approach, photographing the sky (blue, cloudless), the building works (crane, slung low) and then your feet (sandals, buckled). I bite into my apple and say, What’s happening there? You reply, the Tate Modern Project. A new building. It’s designed by Swiss Architects, like me. I’m Swiss. And you? There is pleasure in your voice, because I’m a tourist too. While we speak, the sunlight changes, shifting, on the hoardings.