Three days of participatory activities for visiting schools and teachers

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  • An installation showing a web of wires tied to trees supporting white ma

    Dividing Plane 2012

    © Adam Walker

  • A large crack in the grey floor of the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern

    Doris Salcedo Shibboleth 2007

    © Tate Photography

  • A scroll of paper with typed sentences placed on it

    Trace Element 2012 

    © Tate

  • Scrolls of paper with words written across them

    Trace Element as a möbius strip 2012

    © Tate

The catalyst for this event around ephemeral art, was the recent discovery of a pallet load of a resource Trace Element that had been placed in a storage container during building works at Tate Modern. Designed by artist Sarah Carne in 2009, it considers Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth 2007, now represented by a permanent scar left in the floor of the Turbine Hall, along with other works in the Tate collection.

  • Consider ideas around ephemeral art, reflection and recycling during your visit. Meet Learning staff and pick up a copy of Trace Element in the Turbine Hall.
  • Explore artist Adam Walker’s temporary structure in the Turbine Hall – Monday and Tuesday only.
  • Watch films about Shibboleth 2007 and ephemeral works in the Clore Screening Room.
  • Leave your trace or leave no trace by displaying or recycling your resource in the Clore Welcome Room.

If you have any queries before your visit please contact