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  • Kate Squires The End - Open Studio

    © Kate Squires

  • Kate Squires Sketch - Open Studio


    © Kate Squires

  • Kate Squires Letters - Open Studio


    © Kate Squires

Ooooooooos running down the wall, mysterious mmmms creeping around in the shadows, tired, floppy wwws hanging around. 

What does language look like? What sounds do you see? When do letters become shapes or shapes become letters?

See if you can recognise letters from the alphabet, or just compose and improvise with shapes and forms as they hang, lean or flop in the studio. 

Enter our alphabet studio to explore materials, compose with forms, and get to know some letters.

Ooo Mmm has been created by artist Kate Squires with Tate London’s Early Years and Families team.

For families of all ages.