Jez Riley French Audible Silence photograph

Listen to audible silence.

Buildings sing… their walls, their floors, chairs and tables are full of sound, of their own music, made by vibrations, made even by the world turning.

Recorded from late afternoon, through the nights and early morning, each piece allows you to experience Tate Modern via the sounds in its walls, floors, railings, donation boxes and down to its very foundations.

(movere, (‘to move’), the movement of

different voices against one another.)

Jez riley French.

You can borrow a Sonic Trails set from the Clore Learning Centre at Tate Modern or follow the links above and below to download tracks and accompanying material to your own device.

We recommend listening to the Sonic Trails on a set of good headphones to make sure that you are receiving the best quality of audio experience.

Download the audible silence booklet [PDF, 3 MB]